Maintenance & Care

After your windows have been installed, you should clean them. First step is to remove labels and tape adhesives. You can use alcohol-based cleaners on small glass areas. Second step is to clean the glass with regular or/and ammonia-based cleaners such as Windex. Third step is to clean vinyl frames, which can be cleaned with the solution of mild soap and water or special spray called Spray-Nine. You should not use any solvents or paint remover as you damage to your window may occur and manufacturer may void your warranty.
If condensation occurs on the glass inside the home, the excess of relative humidity may cause it. If you try to paint the vinyl window frame, Window Company may void the warranty. The tracks and the balance systems may be maintained by using liquid silicone in spray but never oily lubricants such as WD-40 as they may attract dirt make the window difficult to operate. Our recommendation is that you follow manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance and care of your new replacement windows.