Over 80% of the window area is glass. That’s why the quality of glass is crucial to its energy efficiency and overall window performance.  Window replacement ct Most homeowners, while well aware of importance of energy savings resulting from high-performance windows, don’t understand what makes a window a highly energy efficient one.

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There’s really a simple and short answer to it:

  • Glass thickness. Choose double-strength 3 mm glass over standard single-strength 2 mm.
  • Intercept Warm-Edge Spacer. While some window companies still manufacture products with aluminum spacer – that technology is the thing of the past. Make sure your new windows have either a warm-edge stainless steel spacer alloy or a non-metal foam spacer. This will reduce the condensation around the edges of the insulated glass and increase its energy efficiency. Window replacement ct
  • Gas fill. Either argon or krypton. In order to decrease or slow down the heat transfer trough glass, window companies use precious inert and odorless gases that are denser than air, hence insulate better.
  • Lear how to read a NFRC label; pay attention to U-Factor and SHGC-Factor – the lower the number the better the window system is. Also make sure the window meets or exceed the ENERGY STAR criteria.

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