For most people, window purchase is their first. Usually the biggest reason for most homeowners to undertake a window replacement project is to make their homes more energy efficient and lower their energy bills. However, we think that is also a great opportunity to transform your personal living space into one that reflects your personality, confidence and lifestyle. Fortunately, you have can choose among many experienced window companies located in CT. Not only professional window company will assure top of the line old world craftsmanship and integrity, but it will also help you make an optimal decision about window styles and configurations. Replacement windows ct

Below you will find most common window styles offered by companies in CT and their (window styles) characteristics.


Double-Hung window is easy to clean. Both sashes of the double-hung window tilt-in. All you need to do to is to tilt the sash in and clean both sides of the inside your home – no need for ladders, leaning outside your home, which can be dangerous at times. Consequentially, with double-hung window you will receive a classic window design and time-tested tradition with the ease of cleaning.

Sliding Windows

When looking for sleek window designs, sliding window may be your perfect choice. Sliding windows open horizontally by gliding the sashes to left or right. You will enjoy plenty of ventilation for fresh air, larger glass areas and virtually unobstructed views of the beautiful outdoors. Window companies have perfected the process of production of this window style and there are many of them that offer different options and features to satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Replacement windows ct

Picture Windows

Only sky is the limit when you imagine what you can do with perfect window design. The most obvious benefit of the picture window is its expanded view to the great outdoors. With a little bit of imagination you can create a work of art. Try combining odd-shaped windows with picture ones and you well may be surprised that together they achieve extraordinary effect. With the advancement of the technologies used for the production of replacement windows, a window company can manufacture a custom size and window shape to your exact specifications. Take advantage of the advanced window manufacturing techniques and pick the window shape that complements your taste. Let your home have a beautiful view – inspired by you.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are windows that swing outward. Their main characteristic is that they provide the most ventilation among any of the window styles. Casement window deserves a strong consideration because they combine solid window frame construction, fold-away handles and larger glass areas. Similarly to picture windows, casements offer wider beautiful virtually unobstructed views of the outdoors. A sales representative from a reputable CT window company should be able to give professional advice and help you choose the best window style that will suit your needs and your home curb appeal.


An awning window is hinged at top of the mainframe and opens up and out. These windows provide of fresh air and ventilation. Number of Connecticut homeowner combine awning with picture windows to customize the overall look and functionality of your interiors.

Bay & Bow

Many people don’t recognize the difference between a bay and a bow window. And difference is simply that the former has an extended window design and the latter that of radial. Both options are great for creating that feeling of expanded spaciousness and the living area. They are also great for plants and herbs. It is a perfect choice for the living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. Since installation of such windows requires skilled craftsmen, beware of do-it-yourself type approach. You may well be better off and safe if you hire a professional window company CT that can usually perform the installation for you in one day. Rest assured that this investment would pay in worry-free installation experience and years of trouble-free use of your new beautiful bay or bow windows.


Garden window is like year-round greenhouse. With garden windows that provides greater shelving for your plants and herbs is usually installed over the sink in the kitchen where you can have easy access to your plants. You will enjoy simple pleasures of gardening year-round.
Just like with bay and bow windows, installation of the garden window can be a little tricky and time consuming. Hence using a professional company to install it for you is recommended.